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Dnesco Electric offers a 24-Hour Emergency Service.

After hours simply call our main line and follow the prompts to our 24 hour Emergency Service Line.


Design/Build requires experience and expertise, which Dnesco Electric has acquired from years of Design/Build projects. Dnesco provides insight into the customer’s best options in regards to reducing cost, staying on schedule, and providing the customer with a final product to be functional and a project both Dnesco and the customer can be proud of.

Maintenance/Building Services.

This day in age downtime is not an option. Dnesco Electric has a flexible maintenance service to prevent costly productivity losses. Dnesco offers regularly scheduled maintenance services, site walk throughs to identify potential issues or areas of improvement, or strictly on a call by call basis.

New Installations.

Dnesco Electric offers complete service new installations. Dnesco specializes in providing accurate bid proposals that include cost saving alternatives with the customers best interest in mind.


Dnesco Electric has completed many renovation projects throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Dnesco Electric will complete your renovations according to or ahead of schedule, every project—large or small-is important to us. Our Design and Project Management team can help design and provide input to help our customer improve both the aesthetics and functionality of their space.

Energy Management.

Dnesco Electric can help improve the efficiency of a building to help reduce energy costs, and be more environmentally friendly. Dnesco regularly works in conjunction with programs like Focus on Energy and WE Energies Rebate Programs. Dnesco will help facilitate and provide documentation to help the customer complete program requirements. Contact Dnesco Electric today to discuss Energy Management options at your facility.


Dnesco Electric is has Solar Power Capabilities and  is qualified to install Photovoltaic systems.

Primary Distribution Systems

Secondary distribution systems