DC Power Solutions

DC Power Solutions

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Our DC Power division was built to round out our many talents as an electrical contractor.

Critical facilities require clean uninterrupted power. We have a solution for you whether you have one or two critical units or hundreds of pieces of equipment that require a highly sophisticated DC Power Plant.

Our well trained, highly passionate DC technicians are committed to maintaining Dnesco Electric’s reputation of high-quality installations and professionalism. Working in unison, our DC and AC technicians collaborate daily to ensure your facility is properly organized, well maintained, and functioning at its highest level.

The collaborative approach we maintain also provides each trade specialty (whether DC or AC) the ability to stand alone and work well with other contractors that may only offer AC or DC alone.

Your facility is in good hands with us. Here are some of the DC power solutions we provide:

  • DC power Plants
  • Battery Installations
  • DC Circuitry
  • Ladder Rack
  • DC Bus
  • Inverters
  • Rectifiers

Here are some of our AC power solutions for critical facilities:

  • Electrical Service Installs/Upgrades
  • AC Power for Inverters
  • AC Power for UPSs
  • Generator Installations
  • Power Transfer Equipment
  • Emergency Lighting

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